Historically, Interconnects who did all the heavy lifting to gain customer trust, saw one time margins of 20-40% on the initial install of hardware/legacy PBX then on going “Break-Fix” MAC work and little, if any, residuals. It was a one-off model with all the recurring monthly revenue (and its 60%+ margins) going to the carriers and dial tone providers. By becoming a re-seller of QTalk, interconnects can now:

  • Receive recurring monthly revenue and its 60%+ margin.
  • Have total ownership of all your customer needs (we are transparent).
  • Provide more features and cost savings to your customers.
  • Increase hardware and service sales opportunities.
  • Seamlessly move legacy PBX to a recurring monthly revenue.
  • Create greater value in your business.
  • Have access to the latest infrastructure for reliability, quality and speed.

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