With the click of the mouse you become your own phone company. Branded completely as your own, offer more features and greater cost savings on the same infrastructure as the Tier 1 providers. QOS seamlessly manages the infrastructure behind the scenes while you focus your time on leveraging relationships to build your brand and business, all the while experiencing recurring monthly revenue. No more winning the contract and handing it off to the carrier – you ARE the carrier (and so are the 60%+margins)!. Gone are the days of you doing all the heavy lifting pursuing and winning contracts only to have to hand off the most lucrative piece to a carrier who gets all the high margin recurring revenue. The convergence of the voice market can either be the catalyst that transforms your business and takes it to the next level or the single most threatening factor to your business’s longevity. Why wait another day to enjoy the upwards of 60% margins on recurring revenue that our Resellers  currently enjoy.

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